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2017 Production Schedule (Q1)

Due to an overwhelming number of inquiries asking when items will be restocked, I tried posting when items were scheduled to be back in stock.  The production company keeps pushing dates back, so rather than pull what hair I don’t have out, and mislead anyone, I’m removing the dates.  I will add dates to this page as they ship and modify the table as I know more.


Due to the inability of the production company to give us reliable dates, we can’t answer questions about availability at this time.  We will update as we can.


Edited 03/17/17.

Product Color Expected Availability Date
SM Spray Foliage  Available
Regular Rangefinder Foliage Available
Regular Rangefinder MultiCam Limited # Available
Medium Bino Harness Foliage Available
Ladder Panel Available
Medium Bino Harness MultiCam Available
XL Bino Harness Foliage Available
XL Bino Harness Fusion Available
XL Bino Harness MultiCam Limited # Available
Shoulder Pad Foliage Available
Small Rangefinder Foliage Available
LG Bino Harness Foliage Out of stock- On order
LG Bino Harness MultiCam Limited # Available
LG Bino Harness Fusion Out of stock- On order
LG Bino Harness Kryptek Highlander Available
SM Bino Harness MultiCam SOLD OUT
SM Bino Harness Fusion Out of stock- On order
SM Bino Harness Kryptek Highlander Limited # Available
RINO Pouch Foliage Available
RINO Pouch MultiCam






Shoulder Pad MultiCam Out of stock- On order
Montana GPS Foliage Limited # Available
Small Rangefinder MultiCam Out of stock- On order
Montana GPS Kryptek Highlander Limited # Available
Montana GPS Fusion Out of stock- On order
Medium Bino Harness Fusion Out of stock- On order
LG Bino Harness Fusion Out of stock- On order
Regular Rangefinder Fusion Limited # Available
Small Rangefinder Fusion Out of stock- On order
XL Bino Harness Fusion Available
XL Bino Harness Kryptek Highlander Limited # Available
Regular Rangefinder Kryptek Highlander Limited # Available
Small Rangefinder Kryptek Highlander Out of stock- On order
Shoulder Pad Kryptek Highlander Out of stock- On order
Medium Bino Harness Kryptek Highlander Out of stock- On order
Montana GPS MultiCam


Out of stock- On order

Out of stock- On order



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54 thoughts on “2017 Production Schedule (Q1)”

  1. Zachary Scott says:

    No small bino harness in foliage?

  2. fhfGear says:

    They are on the production list, but no date has been set just yet. I’m going to see if I can get them moved up in the line.

  3. Daniel Ostersmith says:

    Thanks for making this list! Even if it is just an estimate, it is very helpful for us buyers! Love your gear! Keep it up!

  4. JD Taylor says:

    Looking forward to getting a Rino pouch in highlander, I will keep checking back on your progress. Thanks for updating us!!

  5. Mike says:

    When will the ladder panel be available?

  6. fhfGear says:

    Soon. I’m hoping they ship this week.

  7. Jorge says:

    Hello.. It is sure for: SM Bino Harness Kryptek Highlander 02/10/17 ???

    I can wait until this date 😉 I would love get one

  8. Mike says:

    Looking for a small bino harness in foliage and not seeing one on the schedule?

  9. fhfGear says:

    Just got a few in today, with more on the way.

  10. fhfGear says:

    I do have a shipping notice for a limited number. I’m hoping they arrive on time!

  11. James says:

    Love to get small range finder pouch in foliage before spring bear.

  12. fhfGear says:

    They are in.

  13. Greg says:

    Large bear spray holster for 13oz UDAP spray?

  14. fhfGear says:

    MultiCam is in stock, but I’ve not sold enough to consider other colors at this time.

  15. Rick says:

    Trying to find out if you ship to Canada
    or do you ship through a dealer network?

  16. Mark says:

    Is 3/15 still on target for the Foliage MD bino harness?

  17. Eric says:

    Fusion shoulder pad?

  18. Spencer says:

    I apologize if i missed it on the production schedule. But no Medium Foliage Bino Harness for my SLC 10×42’s in the near future?

  19. Adam says:

    Been waiting for my large multicam Bino harness after sending back my medium
    Can’t wait for 3/20, hoping this date is accurate! Best bino harnesses out there

  20. fhfGear says:

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed as well. Seems the production company keeps pushing things back. As of 3/13 I still don’t have a shipping notice….

  21. fhfGear says:

    They are due to ship this week I hope. 3/13

  22. fhfGear says:

    They are on order, but backed out at the end of my schedule, so there’s not a date set just yet.

  23. fhfGear says:

    They still say they’re sending some this week, but as of today I still don’t have a shipping date 3/13 I’ll update the site as I hear more.

  24. fhfGear says:

    I do ship to Canada although it’s really expensive. I’m working on some options up there to help out. I need to get products in stock before I promise any potential dealers anything.

  25. jnagel32 says:

    Any updates on the Medium Foliage Bino Harnesses?

  26. Ryan says:

    Any new update on the foliage medium bino and upcoming rino pouch dates?

  27. fhfGear says:

    Unfortunately not…still waiting.

  28. fhfGear says:

    Unfortunately not…still waiting.

  29. Barry Hess says:

    Don’t worry about me. I am hanging in there until your large Bino case comes in. I have a lot of time before I need it. Yours is the only one I want.

  30. Zach says:

    Same here Barry… Ive been waiting for 3 months but im going to just keep waiting. No other harness will do it for me.

  31. fhfGear says:

    Thanks guys it’s been frustrating for us, but we appreciate your willingness to hang in there. We’re hoping for results soon and we’re working on other solutions as well.

  32. Outdoorguy75 says:

    Very unfortunate news FHF but definitely hanging in there with you. Patience will prevail and that LG harness in Kryptek will eventually come around

  33. Jetsetter_425 says:

    I second what OutDoorGuy75 said. Unfortunate? Yes. Disappointed? No, it’ll pass and we’ll all eventually get what we’re looking for. When you’re the leader in the market and demand is high, delays happen; but remember good things come to those that wait. The manufacturing woes will pass, when the Made In The USA supplier bolsters their man-power and improves processes which increases productivity. Keep in mind, this man has a full time (and then some) career, which I am all too familiar. Quality takes time, and for that I will wait. FHF, hang in there you two and keep your chin up!

  34. Chris says:

    Any idea on Fusion small rangefinder pouch? Set a calendar alert a couple months ago as it said late March I believe looks like it’s still backordered. Thank you!

  35. Jim Tarantino says:

    Looking to get a med Keyptek pattern for Swarovski EL 10×42 do you have any dates for delivery
    Thanks Jim

  36. Gerry says:

    Just to say how happy I am with my oder, med multilane bino case, GPS and rangefinder case. Have you given any thought about allowing backorders? I am waiting to order the shoulder pad and bear sprays holder as well.

  37. fhfGear says:

    I wish I could. Right now my production has been so sketchy, I can’t bring myself to take orders if I can’t even speculate as to when items will be restocked. Once things smooth out, I plan to not have to take back orders!

  38. fhfGear says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have a good timeline for Kryptek yet.

  39. fhfGear says:

    That’s why I took the dates down. Everything kept getting delayed and pushed back. Hopefully soon, but I can’t make any promises just yet.

  40. Steve Duell says:

    Have Steiner Police 7×50 bino’s, measures 8″ x 6″ x 3″. These are porro prism bino’s.
    Would your XLarge or Large work when they come available?
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  41. fhfGear says:

    The porro prism will likely be too wide for any. You could try the XL, but the width will be the issue.

  42. Outdoorguy75 says:

    Email arrived while I was out swimming while on vacation that my bino harness is in stock, ordered them on my way back to my room. Can’t wait, now will just patiently await delivery which was quick for the Rino pouch and GPS holder I received. Their quality and function is fantastic, I know I won’t be disappointed with this order. Thanks for keeping us informed while you work through your production difficulties.

  43. Josh Racki says:

    Montana GPS case in foliage. Any of this available ?

  44. fhfGear says:

    Not yet, but more are on order.

  45. Danny says:

    Will Vortex Viper HD’s fit a size sm bino harness? Vortex site says they are 5.8 inches tall and FHF Small says it extends to 6″. Would it be too snug? Would it hurt to go medium?

    Additionally, I have a Leupold 1200tbr rangefinder and was curious about if I should order the small or regular size rangefinder case. The demensions of the rangefinder are 3.8L x 1.4W x 3.0H which makes it seem like it would fit in the small pouch…but may also be too snug?

    Thanks for making kickass products! I will be ordering shortly

  46. Tyler says:

    Any idea when the Kryptek Shoulder pads will be in stock? I have all other parts that I need, and am ready to complete the set-up.

  47. Brett Zubot says:

    Any chance of a coyote muff being made?

  48. Greg says:

    Got an ETA for the Fishing Chest Rig yet?

  49. fhfGear says:

    They’re in production now and I hope to have them rolling in within the next week or two.

  50. fhfGear says:

    Just restocked some today.

  51. fhfGear says:

    Hopefully when things get back on track with everything else. The fleece has been my hold up. I’m looking at other options.

  52. Dylan says:

    I’m curious what just got restocked? Looking for a fishing rig for father’s day but page still says sold out. Kryptec small rangefinder?

  53. fhfGear says:

    Neither are in just yet. Fishing Rigs are in production now and I hope to have them in the next week or two. I’m considering opening those up for back order. I don’t have a date yet for Kryptek Rangefinders.

  54. fhfGear says:

    I carry the Viper in a small. It’s near maxed out with the eyecups out, but the fit is better than the medium in my opinion. Leopold could go either way. It will sit deeper in the regular with more coverage. In the small the eyecup will sit above the rim of the pouch making the lid sit at an angle, but it’s a bit easier to grab. Either one will work find, just your preference.

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