About FHF


FHF Gear is a small company that makes unique, high quality gear for those who know what they need, and know that no one else makes it.  I make what the big guys don’t, won’t, or just haven’t thought of yet. I mix the functionality of the hunting and fishing industry with the utility, durability, and strength of tactical gear. All of these industries have their strengths, and I try and use the best of all three in everything I build. The roots of this endeavor started with custom building small niche, high quality gear for all my passions, hunting, fishing, and tactical applications. Most of my ideas have come from one of a kind items, built for those with very specific needs and ideas.  I have never built for those who will settle for box store, lowest bidder prices. 

All of the products on this site were developed from custom projects that became popular enough for me to have them sewn for me.  I’ve found a contract sewing company that demands the same high quality I do, and is able to deliver high end, US made products.  I go out of my way to source all of my materials from US suppliers.




aboutI am an avid fly fisherman, bow hunter, full time LEO, and part-time SWAT Team Leader.  
I live and work around Bozeman, MT.  We have some of the best hunting and fishing in the country, and I try to be outside as much as possible.  I test and evaluate my gear constantly and solicit feedback from my team-mates, hunting and fishing partners, and the large hunting and fishing community around me.

My experience with tactical gear comes from many hours of training, call-outs, and learning from the experiences of others.   I have researched all of the gear our team uses and feel that I have seen most of the strengths and weaknesses of what the mainstream market has to offer.  I have worked with, and gained insight from many previous and current members of specialized military units from all branches.  These are true Operators whom I respect far beyond my ability to express.  I thank you all for your service to each other and your country.




Custom Orders

aboutIn an attempt to keep my sanity and spend more time outside with my family, I am not accepting any custom orders at this time.  I plan on spending more time developing several ideas to get into production.  Once I retire from the day job or hire help, things may change, but for now the standard items are what you’ll get.  (Small modifications may be entertained).  Email me for more information.

Thanks for your understanding.