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So I get inundated with emails everyday asking all sorts of stuff.  Everything from what’s going on in the company; when will certain things be back in stock; what’s new; have I ever considered making one thing or another; and a lot of questions about hunting and fishing Montana.  I’m certainly no expert, but I dabble in lots of things, and I’m surrounded by real experts.  The old saying “Jack of all trades, master of none” applies pretty well to me.  I do all I can to answer questions and people seem to be happy with my answers for the most part.   This got me thinking that I should start a blog to answer questions and get people talking.  Maybe it will save me some time in answering emails, maybe it will make things worse.  I really won’t know until I try.

So I will start occasionally putting my thoughts out here for you to discuss and ponder over.  I’m not known for having a lot to say, so I  will try and answer questions that are posed via email, and I hope to solicit some ideas to work on in the future.  Depending on how this goes I will most likely be looking for people to write some posts for me.  If you’re a blogger or just some random dude looking for an outlet, email me your ideas and if they match the philosophy and style of FHF Gear, then I’ll see what I can do to get things posted.

Some rules will apply, and they will likely evolve over time.  The biggest one that comes to mind off the top of my head is that this will not be a place to insult or degrade anyone.  That’s part of the reason that I don’t frequent many forums.  I don’t have the time or energy to worry about internet tough guys or out of control egos.  Legitimate concerns and criticisms, if voiced in an adult manner, are part of any good discussion, but don’t be a douche.

I have no experience blogging, and am frankly not even sure I want to be, so let’s see how this goes.


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24 thoughts on “FHF Blog… Gear, ideas, tactics, and more.”

  1. Lyle says:

    Looking forward to seeing whats next Paul!

  2. fhfGear says:

    Thanks Lyle.

  3. Ron says:

    Any idea when you’ll have more bino harness’s in multicam medium available? Hopefully before elk season???

  4. fhfGear says:

    I can’t promise anything yet. The production company is working on things, but everything is significantly delayed.

  5. Lance says:

    Just waiting for a Gunwerks pouch for my rangefinder when available. Thanks you!

  6. fhfGear says:

    I’m waiting too!. It’s frustrating to be at the mercy of someone else…

  7. Lance says:

    Well I finally got around to ordering some gear, looking forward to trying it out. Thanks!

  8. Matt Maheu says:

    I just recieved my order and I have to say that I am impressed. I had researched your product extensively through Internet reviews and compared them to brand name products for months because I firmly believe in the old saying, “you get what you pay for”. The quality and thought that went into the Bino Harness, Rangefinder Case and Lanyard is beyond words. And the mere fact that someone put my rig together for me before shipping was a phanominal touch! That said, the “big guys” have nothing on your gear or the service you provide to your customers. You have a customer for life and I plan on sharing the news of my purchase with all of my hunting buddies. Now I just have to wait for Spring Turkey Season (which is fast approaching) here in Tennessee to get this rig out into the field!!!

  9. Matt Maheu says:

    Any thoughts on making a ladder panel to fit the rangefinder pouch on the side of the Bino Harness?

  10. fhfGear says:

    I’ve considered it, but most people seem to be OK with the rangefinder mounted in a more low profile manner on the harness. Adding MOLLE to the back will also raise the price. I may simply look at making a bigger belt loop that will accommodate that ladder panel. Thanks for the feedback.

  11. Aaron Adams says:

    Ordered a gps pouch and ladder panel a few months back and have been so happy with the quality of your product that I ordered your bino harness and love it. Great stuff. I even mounted my rhino pouch to my harness and it works great. Awesome gear. I plan on ordering more soon.
    And as a side bar the great gear comes with outstanding customer service as there was a bit of a mix up with my bino harness order which was corrected almost immediately. No fuss no muss. Will be doing more business with FHF gear in the future.

  12. Shaffen says:

    I just received my Bino Harness. I am very excited to test this out in the Arizona Desert! Looks like a great product and well built. I especially like that its made in the USA! Great product from a great company! I am looking forward to doing more business in the future with FHF Gear! Thanks!

  13. Nolan says:

    Have you ever though about making a pouch that goes on the stock of your rifle?

  14. fhfGear says:

    I have made a few when I was doing custom work. Right now anything like that is on the back burner until I can get standard items back in stock.

  15. Daniel Watts says:

    Best products in the world. Don’t go anywhere without my harness. Can we expect and FHF hunting pack in two size configurations with a bow holder in the next year?

  16. fhfGear says:

    Maybe an add on bow holder compatible with other packs, but no plan to make hunting back packs just yet! I’m working on some day packs and gear bags, but I’m leaving the packs to the experts at Stone Glacier and EXO.

  17. tw says:

    I was just wondering, which size bino harness would work for my Swarovski 10×42 el rangefinder. they are about 3 in wide and are 6.75 in tall. I looked at your size chart on them and the one that look like it would work seems like it would be way to big for them and they would move around a lot inside the harness. so which size do you think would work best for me. thank you

  18. fhfGear says:

    I personally like the Medium with that Binocular. They can seem a bit tight at first, but quickly break in. Some guys prefer the fit of the Large at first as they give an initially better feel, but once the pouch forms to the bino, the Medium works well.

  19. Barry Hess says:

    What size for a Vortex Razor 10 x 50 ? 6.8 inches x 5.1. Would be nice if a medium would work but it might be borderline?


  20. fhfGear says:

    According to customer feedback, the 50mm objectives take up enough of the depth that the Large works much better.

  21. tw says:

    just an idea but I would like to see a all white bino harness for the coyote hunters during the winter. I really do think it would be a good seller. I sure would buy one. just a idea to think about. your bino harness is great love it.

  22. Do you know when you will be getting in the following


  23. fhfGear says:

    We got the shoulder pads today, but still waiting on Rangefinder pouches.

  24. any idea when the rangerfinder are coming in, dont want to buy the pads and pay for shipping and then have to do it all again when the rangerfinder come in

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