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Fly Boxes

$9 - $15

Several fly boxes are available to help accessorize your chest rig.  All are high quality Millstream boxes that are made in the USA and customized with the FHF Gear logo.

Split-Lid Box:  This clever design allows independent access to the two sections of the box by way of a crystal clear split lid.

Medium Clear Box:  The full length brass hinge pins, easy-snap latches, snap-together feet, and perfect size make these boxes a go to box for almost any fly.

Small Clear Midge Box:  This is a small clear box with a profile of less than 3/4″.  Snap together feet make two boxes easy to carry.  Currently only available in a nine compartment configuration.

Nubby/Tack® Explained:  Mill Stream’s exclusive liner! Nubby/Tack lasts forever because you don’t pin into it – rubbery “nubbies” hold hooks of all sizes and shapes between them securely – even barbless. Spaces between these nubbies mean flies dry immediately – a big plus for saltwater patterns.