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Rangefinder Pouch

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Two standard sizes of rangefinder pouches are specifically made to mount next to your bino harness. Both are backed by a 2.5″ belt loop and include a pouch keeper designed to attach to one buckle keeping it from sliding around on the harness. This pouch uses the same bungee and boot hook closure as the bino pouch to provide quick, easy, silent access to your rangefinder.  A slight amount of padding accompanied by a soft and smooth lining material helps protect your rangefinder while being completely functional.  The pouch keeper locks the pouch to the buckle of your bino harness and keeps it from sliding backwards to get in the way of your pack straps.

This pouch is not MOLLE equipped.

The pouches both include a lanyard loop on both sides.  The optional coiled equipment lanyard can be attached to either side so you will never lose your rangefinder.  NO lanyard is included, but one is available here:  Coiled Equipment Lanyard

The Swarovski Laser Guide, Zeiss PRF, Gunwerks G7, and Vectronix Terrapin are much too big for either of these pouches, but I now have a pouch that will fill the need.  Go here: for the Ballistic Rangefinder Pouch.  The older Leica Rangemaster, Bushnell 1000, 1200, 1300 and Elite, and Weaver Rangefinders are also too big.

The newer Leica rangefinders will fit in either pouch, but although they’re a bit tall, I normally recommend the small for ease of draw.


SM:  The small size is designed for smaller rangefinders such as the newer Leopold RX-1000 TBA, Sig Kilo, as well as the Vortex Ranger.

Reg:  The standard size is designed for most standard Nikon’s, Bushnell’s, etc. .

  •     Inside Dimensions:
  •     H 5”
  •     W 2.9”
  •     D 1.5”
  •     1.4 oz
  •     $36
  •     Multicam, Fusion, Foliage Green,  Kryptek, Blaze Orange

Recommended accessories:

Coiled Gear Lanyard