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New Bino Harness Design Options

Since I don’t have anything in production I’m taking the opportunity to play with a little redesign on several items.  Specifically the bino harness.  The most frequent complaints I get are the noise and the fact that it is not a sealed design.  Let me be up front and say that the exterior will stay Cordura.  You’ll have to deal with that.  It will also never be a sealed design, but I can close up the sides a bit.  The fact is, some dust and moisture will still be able to get in.  I want to keep this a minimalist design allowing for modular additions if wanted, and not try to look like anyone else.  I’ll leave that to the unscrupulous companies that are starting to copy me.  I am thinking about changing up the liner material, but most of my quieter options are not quite as durable, not US made,  and will probably absorb some moisture.   I want your opinion.  What is more important to you in order of importance.  Noise, durability, US Materials, water repellent materials, other?  Any other things you’d like to see me consider?

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30 thoughts on “New Bino Harness Design Options”

  1. Justin Nelson says:

    I personally don’t have any issues with the noise level of the fabric. It is pretty minimal in my opinion. Having the sides closed up would be appealing to me however. Dust will still find its way in, but any effort to reduce it would be great.

  2. David says:

    For me, USA made is very important. I won’t sacrifice quality but will pay a bit more for that.

  3. Mike says:

    How about a hook on the bottom to hang your bow while glassing for a quick peak?

  4. Jeremy Docken says:

    One thing that has been a pain point to me on multiple different bino harnesses is that the lid opens towards you chest and can very easily close and get in the way when trying to pull out the binos with one hand. To help solve this problem it would be really awesome if you came up with a design that opened away from your chest. This would give it more room to fold over in order to stay open and provide more access to the bino. Here is an example on that I have found through Horn hunter. I personally would prefer to go with a different company for other reasons, but this is the only one on the market that I can find that solves this problem.

  5. Karl says:

    I like water repellancy to keep the weight down and the lenses dry as a top priority. US materials is sweet. Durability. Noise (not sure how noisy they are now!).

  6. Scott AZ556 says:

    US made is top priority for me. Durability, comfort, design quality, water repellent, & noise are all important. I have had no issues with noise water repellency or being open design. What I appreciate is well designed, field tested, problem solving, with American materials backed up by the Americans who made it. I will always happily pay a premium for that.

    I think a problem that you could solve would be integrating binos/pistol/& heavy pack. If wearing day pack then G19 iwb or belt holster is great with my FHF Bino harness. If overnight or carrying meat then I have to get the pistol off my belt. So sometimes use HPG Kit Bag with 15’s in pack. I have been experimenting with attaching holster to FHF harness but I believe there is room for improvement. That is a problem in need of a quality solution for me and guys I hunt with. The modularity of adding my Rino or LRF is great, but I also need a solution for pistol.

    Thank you for continuing to innovate and not compromise on quality as FHF has grown.

  7. Nolan says:

    What about some new camo patterns or solid colors like coyote brown?

  8. Rob says:

    I wanted to second what Nolan said, coyote brown.

  9. fhfGear says:

    I plan on adding colors once I get production turned around.

  10. Kenneth Law says:

    I love my harness, its in the field at least 80 days a year and holding up great. I came to your site hoping to find an option to integrate a pistol to the harness and see others asking for the same thing. I love the accessibility to my optics but really need a place for a pistol when packing a load which I hope to do every time I’m out. If there would be a way to slide it behind the bino it would be perfect.
    Also I’d be happy to buy and test a prototype!

    Made in USA and durability are top priority. I have had some dust and twigs gather in the bottom but some always finds its way into my pack too so I’m not too worried about that.
    I have never had an issue with them being noisy, go find someone with the nice soft badlands rig it’s silent until the magnet snaps shut like a gun shot. The fhf closure is one thing that allows you to get out the bino or range finder in a close situation…

    Another note the more times you take them out and get them covered in mud and blood the quieter they get!

    Thank you for your service and for helping us to spend more time out doors.

  11. Sam Redman says:

    i love it the way it is. keep it american made and keep it durable. the cordura definitely isn’t the quietest as most of us could agree but is very manageable. one of the best pieces of hunting gear I’ve ever bought and I’m so glad i picked FHF.

  12. Rob says:

    It would be great if there was a pocket for a rangefinder on the front instead of having to attach it separately on the side. Great products!! Keep up the good work!

  13. fhfGear says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I’ve tried to keep this pouch slim and low profile while allowing the modularity of carrying only what you want. For instance, I don’t want the extra rangefinder pocket during horn hunting season. The competitors have a good chest pack design if you want everything all in one.

  14. Mike says:

    I just got my first FHF.. got an older prior to PRO version and I have the other competitors and my first impression was sleek light and quality. Good looking and cant wait to order a new one when my color i want becomes available. I like pockets for a small cleaning pen, wind checker and a place to clip a zebralight or such. The materials are awesome not too noisey at all.

  15. JD says:

    I would love to have a blaze orange one like Rinella

  16. Jamie says:

    I haven’t purchased any of your products yet, but I plan on purchasing your bino harness, rino pouch and rangefinder pouch. I would also like to reiterate the option of solid colors such as coyote brown or tan.

  17. John says:

    Man.. Tough one. I recently purchased the Bino Harness, Range Finder, Montana GPS Pouch and the Add-on Shoulder pad. All in Foliage Green or the combo color…After using them for a season, I struggle to find design enhancements to the existing features. The products are great. Different color options would be a cool, but not something that would drive me to get a newer harness. As cool as the hunter orange is, I like minimizing my orange vet “when I wear it”…..but the other color options might entice new purchases. Coyote Brown, Orange, First Lite Fusion, all cool. The one design enhancement that comes to mind is maybe a larger back panel and wider shoulder straps. I wear mine high and tight so there’s no shifting as I climb ,run, etc…. Wider, might provide a little more support across the shoulders an back. I run 10×42’s, so not a necessity, but for the larger harnesses, it might provide additional comfort

  18. G says:

    I’d love to see more options for add-on pockets/pouches and things like that. Thanks

  19. G says:

    …and what about a drop-down or velcro-attached blaze orange panel for the rear panel?

  20. taylor says:

    How bout a way to keep the lid open for quick access to binos? I currently use the adjustment clamp on the shoulder straps and use the bungee tab to keep the lid open, but some times that pops off. Minor thing, but its hard to improve upon the current design.

  21. Zach says:

    Did you change up the liner material for ’17, such as microfiber?

  22. fhfGear says:

    They are different this year. That’s the delay in that we were held back a few weeks waiting for the Micro-fiber to arrive. All future production will have a tan microfiber lining. There are still a few small Fusion with the Nylon liner left, but everything else has switched.

  23. Dylan Z. says:

    I love your bino harness and mine recently got stolen out of my truck along with my binos and rangefinder and bow and basically everything so I am anxiously waiting some restock. Anyway, order of importance.
    1. Durability
    2. Water repellent
    3. U.S. Material (Murrica!)
    4. Noise
    Although avoiding noise is crucial if I’m reaching for my binos to see if that bull over there is legal I’m probably not concerned about the little amount of noise that the current design has. Rangefinding pouch on the other hand I could see would be beneficial but if it’s going to hold water and potentially fog up my lenses I will take a little bit of noise any day over not being able to use my optics.

  24. BULDWN says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with any one of your products. I would not change a thing. Everyone wants to be a critic and needs to be heard. They should start their own companies and spend some time in your shoes. Thanks for all of the great products.

  25. KENDON says:

    Just picked up the bino harness, strap covers, range findet pouch and gps pouch plus the lanyards. All greate product. To early to make comments on the changes and things…… but one thing I do know is the quality of your merchandise made me buy you’re fishing setup. Thanks for a great American made product.

  26. Jeremy says:

    I currently don’t own one but hopefully will not be near future. I have to echo an earlier suggestion in that an integrated range finder pouch would be great as opposed to having to add one on. I also respect your response saying that you wish to keep it a slim and minimal design. My response is that I do it all and during the seasons I don’t have a need for a rangefinder, I will find another use for that pocket. Maybe the rangefinder pocket could replace one of the existing side pockets and be situated perpendicular to the main compartment.

  27. fhfGear says:

    Thanks for the thoughts, it’s something we’ll have to look at, but for now we will likely keep it minimalist.

  28. T Fab says:

    Some sort of modular system to allow the carry of a pistol holster below the bino case, with an additional elastic strap to hold secure the holster around the belly/waist. I realize weight may pose an issue. I would love a way to chest carry my 10mm glock right below my binos.

  29. fhfGear says:

    Standby! We’re working on a couple of possible options…

  30. Kyle says:

    1. Durability
    2. American materials
    3. Water repellency
    4. Noise

    Water repellency might be able to be mitigated with some water proofing spray for boots or tents. Noise it negligible I think. That leaves durability and American materials. I think with good design and good materials, they both naturally coincide. I concur with what others have previously mentioned about expanded color options. Coyote brown, white, completely solid color schemes, expanded camo pattern options in full coverage with matching accessory pouches. Great products and I am very pleased with my choice. Lifelong customer for sure.

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