Buckle Strap

$9 - $15

The buckle strap is a simple buckle and strap assembly that can be added to newer FHF pouches allowing you to switch between the silent bungee and hook closure and

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Kestrel Pouch


This dedicated, easy access pouch for your wind meter is backed with a single row of MOLLE and a 3″ tall belt loop allowing it to attach almost anywhere. It’s

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Ballistic Rangefinder Pouch


This pouch was specifically designed to hold and protect the larger ballistic rangefinders such as the Gunwerks G7, Terrapin, or older Swarovski Laser Guide, and Zeiss PRF rangefinders.  The pouch

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Self-Rescue Tourniquet (SRT) Pouch


When those who are dedicated to helping others need to help themselves, the Self-Rescue Tourniquet Pouch brings the tools for traumatic self-rescue on every call, every day. Tactical Combat Casualty

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MOLLE Muff Tactical Hand Warmer:  This hand-muff was designed specifically for tactical operators. It blends with your uniform and attaches to your armor or belt. This tactical hand muff was

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Quick Belt for MOLLE-Muff™


Quick Belt for MOLLE-MUFF™:  Quickly turn your previously ordered MOLLE-Muff™ into a typical belt mounted hand muff. These are included with new orders, so there is no need to order

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