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MOLLE Muff Tactical Hand Warmer:  This hand-muff was designed specifically for tactical operators. It blends with your uniform and attaches to your armor or belt. This tactical hand muff was designed to quickly attach/detach below your vest without the need for a separate belt, and not take up any valuable room on your vest.

500 Denier Cordura available in several colors to blend with your uniform. Cold climate operators know why this was invented. Your hands stay warm while you maintain your ability to handle a weapon or other equipment.

One strip of MOLLE webbing on the back allows you to attach it directly to your vest or, better yet, hang it in front of your groin protection panel and maintain your vest real estate for more valuable kit.
The included “Muff-Links” will attach via elastic and Velcro to most modern armor closure systems. It is designed to Velcro directly to your vest closure allowing you to add or remove it quickly depending on the weather and your mission.  It will stay in place during donning and doffing.  A strip of loop Velcro on the back of the hand muff allows you to attach the Muff-Link back to itself creating double belt loops.  An included, detachable Quick Belt will attach to the MOLLE strip allowing you to wear the muff like a traditional hand muff without armor.

The muff holds one large or several smaller chemical hand-warmers in a mesh pocket inside the 300 wt. Malden Mills fleece. Sandwiched between the fleece and the DWR coated Cordura is a thin layer of closed cell foam insulation. This keeps your hands very warm and dry.

Over-sized cuff allows ease of draw or insertion with tactical gloves on.

In use now by many Army SF & Rangers, Navy SEALS,  EOD, and  Air Force Special Operations units.  It is also currently in use by SWAT operators across the US.

At this time I do not have an individual discount available, but group pricing is available for MIL or LE with a quantity of 20+.