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Quick Belt for MOLLE-Muff™

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Quick Belt for MOLLE-MUFF™:  Quickly turn your previously ordered MOLLE-Muff™ into a typical belt mounted hand muff.

These are included with new orders, so there is no need to order this unless you need an extra.

This is an add on belt consisting of 1″ webbing, one field repairable buckle, a Slik Clik, and a tri-glide.  This belt should not be necessary if you’re wearing a pistol or trouser belt, but a few customers have asked for this option.  (It does work well if wearing over a parka).  Also works great to throw off and on during training.

The “field repairable” buckle and Slik Clik quickly attach to the MOLLE strip on the back of the MOLLE-Muff™ and allow you to wear it as you would any other hand muff.  They also detach quickly if needed.
Please contact me if your waist size is outside the normal operator range (30″ – 42″).  There is a very short turnaround time.

These are still available if you ordered a muff before they were included.  I’ve raised the price of the MOLLE-Muff™ and they are now included.