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Bear Spray Lite Holster


This innovative, single-piece construction design is a new twist on one of our best selling accessories.  Made with highly durable, non-absorbent laminated nylon, the Bear Spray Lite Holster is nearly half the weight - something every backcountry outdoorsman can appreciate. 

Using military grade shock cord, the Bear Spray Lite Holster remains expandable, and allows diameter expansion from 2” to 3”+ - easily accommodating bear spray canisters from 7-14 oz, from all major manufactures.


    Bear Spray Lite Holster Features

    • Expandable
    • High Vis Pull Tab
    • MOLLE Attachment System
    • Made in USA

    How It's Built

    • Laminated nylon
    • Military grade shock cord
    • 1.5 oz

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Gregory C.
    Great Product, Well Thought Out, Quality Throughout

    I purchased your Bino, Rangefinder Case and Bear Spray Lite Holster. My previous Bino/Rangefinder Case was much thicker and blocked being able to see my feet. Not a problem until climbing or descending steep terrain especially the rocky stuff. The added bonus of having Bear Spray readily available mounted on the Bino case bottom is a win. Thanks for such a great product

    John K.
    Love it!

    I love how modular it is. And can't wait to get a couple more of the accessories!

    Laura S.
    Good and reliable

    Kept us in queue until It was back in stock! Thanks!

    Holster is great, with one flaw

    Perfect except that when mounted vertically (with Kydex holster mounted below), the retaining tab doesn't really fit properly. I had to monkey with it to make it work sideways and even then it was a bit awkward.

    Still, 5-stars !

    Eric K.
    Binos & Bears

    I've tried several other harness combos over the years vs adhering to my "Buy Once, Cry Once" edict on critical gear... Shame on me! The FHF harness is worth every penny. The sizing for the glasses is better, the sizing on me is better, the quality materials are better. Plain & simple it's just better!