KYDEX® Glock 20/21 & 29/30 Holster by Razco

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FHF Gear, Inc. and Razco have teamed up to bring you a chest holster that attaches easily to the FHF Gear PRO Bino Harnesses and Fishing Rigs.  Holsters utilize the two webbing tabs on the underside of the PRO Bino Harnesses, PRO-M Bino Harnesses and Fishing Rigs.  

FHF Gear stocks the Glock holster only.  This is for the Glock 20 & 21, and now also fit the 29 & 30.  All other models are made to order, please contact Razco directly at

Razco stands behind their products 100% and will fix or replace gear should it ever break!

Customer Reviews

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Glock never fell out

Product is simple and attached as describes to my Alaska creation bino harness. Not sure if I would use it while horse back riding as it gets in the way. If on foot then perfect. Maybe a bit in the way when sitting down and glassing. Otherwise it met my expectations.


KYDEX® Glock 20/21 & 29/30 Holster by Razco

Great combination

The large size bino chest pack fit the vortex vulture 15x56 binoculars snug and secure. Comfortable to wear and the Razco holster snaps in place and wears well. I purchase this setup to use while hunting in grizzly bear country with the intentions of being able to safely leave my rifle behind while riding and scouting pre-season or staying armed and not having to manage my rifle while packing out meat. These two products compliment each other very nicely. The holster does not impede in any way how I used the gear both hiking or riding a bike in the non motorized access area where I hunted just recently. The large size binocular pocket doubles well for carry/ storage of other large and valuable hunting paraphernalia such as my DSLR camera. Very innovative and I'm glad I purchased the gear combo.

Absolutely Top Notch Gear

I discovered FHF gear during a 3-day backcountry training course. I had a new setup from a different manufacturer but fell in love with the FHF system right away. Great gear from an awesome company. They even included a personal note in my delivery.

Glock holster

Love it, but it rattles a bit when holstered