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Bino Hangers


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The Bino Hanger set consists of two (2) bino hangers. Each are 10″ lengths of thin, flexible nylon webbing attached via a small streamlined buckle to 7″ of 3/8″ webbing designed to attach your shoulder straps directly to your binoculars.  These come as a set with both ends of the hanger and attachment.  We won’t break up sets if you lost just one or only want one half.  It’s good to have spares anyway!

We recommend you double the webbing over on itself after attaching it to the tri-glide on your shoulder harness.  This will prevent slipping and loss of the hanger.

Hangers are included with every bino harness sold.  These are spare or replacement sets.


1" tan 499 grosgrain webbing, YKK 3/8" hardware, 3/8" nylon webbing


  • Comes as set of two 
  • Connects binoculars to shoulder harness
  • Non-elastic (no bounce)
  • Adjustable length
  • Spare or replacement sets

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Kevin F.
Just right

Just right

Caleb D.

Worked as it should

Chris W.
Perfect fit

Just a great way to get extra room for CAT T, knife, etc. excellently made

best accessory for bino harness

I am a Dimestore hunter. I bought my FHF Bino harness a couple of years ago and attempted to used 550 cord to secure my Vortex Binos. I finally broke down and spent the money for the bino hangers. now I wonder why I did not buy them before. The price is not hard on my wallet and they just work. Don't struggle like I have, buy them.

Peter V.
If you have 2 binoculars

Bought them because I order the FHF Binocular case for my larger binoculars and normally use it for my smaller binoculars.