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Ladder Panel


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This simple yet effective add-on will allow you to add a PALS ladder to any vertical webbing.  It makes it easy to attach your RINO or GPS pouch directly to the side of your bino harness.  It will cover one of your mesh pockets, but keeps MOLLE-equipped accessory pouches tight and within easy reach.

The stiffened 2.25″x3.125″ panel has two rows with one column of MOLLE real estate.  The one wrap extends out to allow Velcro attachment to any vertical webbing including the sides of the FHF Gear Bino pouch or even a pack strap.  This is not designed to work with the smaller belt loops on our Rangefinder pouches.


Ladder Panel Features

  • Easily attach your RINO or GPS pouch directly to the side of your bino harness
  • Keeps MOLLE-equipped accessory pouches tight and within easy reach

How It's Built

  • 2.25″x3.125″ panel

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Paul H.
3 Shell Holder

I like the product however Velcro is not strong enough to hold on a ladder panel. Needs a tether so that you do not lose holder and ammunition.

Good quality product but not what I was looking for.

Good quality product but does not fulfill the need that I had. I wanted something to attach my rangefinder to the side panel of the bino harness rather than the strap and this ladder panel can't accomplish that.

Roland P.
Works quite well - sales caveat

Great for attaching rangefinder and other utility pouches. FHF should just include these with the purchase of the utility items. It’s not always crystal clear what’s needed to get your pack system fully integrated. I suspect most people wouldn’t care about paying a few extra dollars to ensure their configs come with what they need.

Mike B.
Great Product

I used two ladder panels to attach my GPS holder and Navigation pouch to the sides of my Bino pouch. Works great and allows all my hunting tools to be within reach. Love that these products are American made plus the customer service is very good.

William R.
Perfect solution.

The ladder was the perfect solution! Thanks for the assistance.