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Pack Suspension Kit

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This kit allows you to modify your existing bino harness or FHF Gear Chest Rig, to attach directly to your pack.  The kit will come with all the parts needed to allow an easy swap between the standard harness and the pack suspension straps.


Pack Suspension Kit Features

  • Shifts weight from shoulder straps to load lifters
  • Bino harness or chest rig becomes integrated with pack straps
  • Easily swapped back to shoulder harness if needed
  • Adjustable length
  • Compatible with most packs
  • Does not require permanent modifications
  • Compatible with many other bino harness brands/models, as well as camera bags (any with 1" Duraflex or ITW buckles or 1" upper tabs)
  • Made in USA

How It's Built

  • 1" tan 499 webbing
  • Duraflex hardware
  • 5 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Barret G.
Awesome kit

It was a perfect fit right off the bat. Transition to and from pack to harness is seamless.

Richard E.
Great product

So I bought this to attach to my mystery ranch pintler pack. It attaches very easy. The plus side is the buckles on my Alaska guide creations bino harness worked with the buckles. So I didn’t have to use the included buckles.

Timothy T.
Fits great! No issues.

I'm a big guy and it fit my 52" chest just fine. The clips are the same size as my Alaska Guild bino harness so it's super easy to switch out my backpack attachments. The online videos make it really easy to follow instructions on how to operate. Easy on and off.

John B.
Great Fit

Just what I needed for this fall. Going to buy another suspension kit and a set of FHF bino hangers ( when they get more in stock ) so I can swap out the bino hangers on my Vortex Guide binopack. The Vortex Guide binopack bino hanger buckles do not clip into the FHF bino hanger clips. The Vortex's 4 big buckles clip in perfectly to the FHF suspension buckles.

Matt K.

Very universal and will work with my existing pack and bino harness