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RINO Radio/GPS Pouch

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The first belt-mounted pouch is specifically designed to hold your RINO radio.  This will also accommodate and protect the Garmin GPSMAP series as well as the inReach Explorer, and the Alpha 100.

This pouch will not accommodate the larger AA battery packs on the 500 RINO models with a joystick.  Touch screen models will fit with the AA pack installed but will be a bit tighter. 

*To attach RINO Pouch to the side of Bino Harness, over side mesh pocket, a secondary attachment such as the FHF Gear Ladder Panel or One Wrap attachments must be used.  These are not included with the RINO.  


RINO Radio/GPS Pouch Features

  • Holds all models of Rino (120-750)
  • Open-top design with drain grommet provides quick and easy access to your radio and GPS
  • Closed-cell foam padding and slick lining material help protect your investment
  • Dual lanyard loops allow you to attach our equipment lanyard for gear retention
  • Designed using a MOLLE panel
  • Backed by a 4-inch wide standard belt loop, and mag pouch-inspired retention system
  • Dual lanyard loops allow you to attach our equipment lanyard for gear retention.
  • Made in USA

How It's Built

  • 500D Cordura
  • Closed cell foam
  • Drain grommet
  • Bungee cord
  • Military grade cord lock and webbing
  • 1.7oz

Inside Dimensions:

  • H: 5” to opening
  • W: 2.6”
  • D: 1.8”

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Excellent Product!

I purchased a chest rig and a few different pouches to set up a slimmed down fly fishing rig. Bear spray, coms, water and a pouch for tackle and pogey bait just in case I got to far down river and did something stupid. I added in blaze orange shoulder strap pads for protection from hunters in the area. Everything is extremely well builT, much lighter in weight than standard issue military, and modulates together easily.

One flaw i found is that the strap pads cover the loop intended to attach your net to. I can cut through the material to use it but i would APPRECIATE a button hole access to ensure the fabric DOESN’T start teAring.

My recommendation is to think through things as you put it together and take the time to make adjustments until it’s right. Practice pulling a can of bear spray from your rig when you aren’t being charged. I strongly believe that if this gear “fails” you, you failed your self. The videos online by FHF are second to none and give you everything you need to utilize the heck out of this gear. I’ll be buying the bino harness for next hunting season. From what I’ve seen, their system hands down beats the Vortex bino harness system. These guys rock!

Robin G.
Range Finder Pouch

I received the Range Finder Pouch. Looked great, well constructed. The elastic cording was too long to make a snug fit for my Kahles unit. I put a tube of
Bow string wax in the bottom of the pouch to make up the slack. Worked out great! I have the Chest Rig with the GPS and Range finder pouch. I am able to draw and shoot my long bow with out interference from the gear!

Terry C.
Garmin GPS ccase

Case is perfect! Fits well and easy to use!

Craig J.
RINO tough

May live longer than me. Excellent material, Elastic strap easily holds my In-Reach in place. No worries about quality. I would suggest this piece of equipment to anyone.

Top notch gear made in the US of A

Perfect pouch to stash my phone on my pack for outdoor activities. Haven't tried it out on hunts yet but it held my kestrel and matchbook during a couple of PRS matches this fall and the material has held up well.