RINO Radio/GPS Pouch

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The first belt mounted pouch specifically designed to hold your RINO radio.  It was designed using a MOLLE panel backed by a 4 inch standard belt loop, and mag pouch inspired retention system.  This will hold all models of RINO from the 120 to the 750.  Open top design with drain grommet lets you use your radio and GPS simply and quickly.  Closed cell foam padding and slick lining material help protect your investment.  This will also accommodate and protect the Garmin GPSMAP series as well as the inReach Explorer with an antenna, OR the Alpha 100.

This pouch will not accommodate the larger AA battery packs on the 500 RINO models with a joystick.  Touch screen models will fit with the AA pack installed, but will be a bit tighter. 

*To attach RINO Pouch to side of Bino Harness, over side mesh pocket, the FHF Gear Ladder Panel must be used.  This is not included with the RINO.  

Inside Dimensions:

  •     H 5” to opening
  •     W 2.6”
  •     D 1.8”
  •     1.7 oz
  •     $36

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