Self-Rescue Tourniquet (SRT) Pouch

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When those who are dedicated to helping others need to help themselves, the Self-Rescue Tourniquet Pouch brings the tools for traumatic self-rescue on every call, every day.

Tactical Combat Casualty Care guidelines recommend that an injured officer deliver self-aid by stopping major bleeds with the use of a tourniquet and by immediately applying a chest seal to sucking chest wounds. Many departments are now issuing this equipment but it is usually left in the patrol car in a go-bag.  This accessory is made specifically to attach to most brands of concealable body armor.

Made with two layers of six-inch elastic and sized to fit on your body armor under your uniform, the SRT Pouch allows you to carry your tourniquet and chest seal tight to your vest at all times without using any of the valuable real estate on your duty belt or in your cargo pockets. By keeping these tools with you while on duty it ensures that you never leave them in your car again. The SRT Pouch has Velcro mirrored front and back allowing it to attach to your vest without sacrificing the ability to adjust your vest closure system.  By positioning this essential equipment on your core, at the mid-line of your body, the SRT Pouch allows for easy access to either hand and in any position.

The Self-Rescue Tourniquet Pouch, costing only $10, is less expensive than the medical gear you’ll carry in it, but ensures you will have those tools with you when you need them most.

  • Size // 6″ x 8″
  • Weight // 2 oz
  • Color // Black