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This minimalist style fishing pouch was designed to be compact and worn high on your chest keeping it easily accessible and dry when wading.  It replaces a fishing vest and allows you to wear it while wearing a backpack.

Despite it’s small size, it is packed with features:

  • NEW! The FHF Gear Backcountry model has a new look and is equipped with a laser cut MOLLE panel on the underside of the pouch which allows for attachment of our bear spray holster or other MOLLE compatible pouches.
  • The entire outside was kept slick and utilizes features that will help keep you from tangling your line around anything on the rig.
  • The back of the pouch is covered with air mesh to keep airflow at a maximum during hot days.
  • A D-ring and zinger attachment point on each shoulder strap will allow the accessories you want to be added right where you need them.
  • A drain grommet was strategically placed to allow drainage should you take an unexpected swim.
  • The large front zipper pocket will hold your phone and fishing license.
  • The entire main pocket is lined with loop Velcro to allow customization and organization for each individual.  The rig will include one Velcro backed organizer and two (2) ripple foam patches to start you off.
  • A rod holder loop hangs from the bottom and can be switched from side to side or completely removed.  The upper piece of the rod holding system is taken from the tactical side of the house, utilizing a webbing dominator as a quick and easy way to secure your rod while rigging up in moving water. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Best pack on market

    Been using the chest pack across a number of seasons in Australia and New Zealand. Comfortable and sits snug on the chest and doesn't shift around. Ample room for a number of fly boxes and other essentials. Shoulders free for comfortable casting.
    Excellent design, construction and exceptionally practical in use.

    Best chest pack ever

    Lightweight, tons of smart storage, and looks great on the water! I couldn’t be happier with my new chestpack, it’s perfect for exploring lots of water without being weighted down. Stoked to have it, tight lines -Aaron

    Best thing ever.

    Worth every penny.

    Great product

    This fishing chest rig gives me both hands to help myself getting to the good fishing spots in the mountain rivers. I was used to a side bag that was swinging around my hips while holding the fishing rod in one hand. Now I have my fishing rod in the chest rig and only the most necessary items in the rig; spinners or flies in small boxes and my VHF-radio. I am very happy with it.


    The fishing rig has been working great! I love how high on the chest it sits. I have used it several times and have been impressed. Good work fellas!