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Generation II Razco Bino Harness Holster


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FHF Gear and Razco have teamed up to bring you a chest holster that attaches easily to the FHF Gear Bino Harnesses or Chest Rig.

The Gen 2 offers more versatility than ever before.  With this updated model, you can remove the holster from your bino harness, and attach it directly to the nylon harness off your FHF Gear Bino Harness or Chest Rig, converting it to a stand-alone chest holster. This is great for the pack out- or off-season when you may not need your binos but still want your pistol on you.

Even better is that the multi-hole pattern on the backer plate will accommodate several off-the-shelf holster shells such as Blade-Tech and G Code as well as common Kydex OWB Taco shells.

*The greyed out harness in product imagery is for visual guidance only and not included with the holster. Photos depict the Gen II's compatibility with the Pro-M and Chest Rig's shoulder harness. 

Can't find the holster your looking for? Click here to shop Razco's full offerings.

Razco stands behind their products 100% and will fix or replace gear should it ever break!


Generation II Razco Bino Harness Holster Features

  • Multi-hole pattern on backer plate accommodates off-the-shelf holster shells such as Blade-Tech, G Code and Kydex OWB Taco shells.
  • Ability to remove holster from bino harness and attach directly to a nylon harness.

How It's Built

  • Kydex Holster
  • Tegris Backer Plate
  • Nylon Adapter Straps
  • 7.6 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Torre S.
Bono Harness

Best Bino Harness I’ve ever owned!!

Torey S.
Great Bingo Rig all around

I got the M sized bino harness for my Vortex crossfire binos. I also attached the Razco holster for my Glock 20 which keeps the firearm in front of me and accessible if needed. The combination is very comfortable and convenient on my chest while in the woods. Would highly recommend this setup to anyone who is on the fence about it. Very worth the slightly higher price tag.

Rod M.
It's Great

You don't notice it's there but you know it is. I'd purchase again.

Tres B.
Solid safety upgrade to my bino harness

I have run FHF bear spray holster for a number of years on my FHF bino harness. Going to be in AK this summer and there are big bears up there. G20 needs to be on me at all times. Razco holster is a perfect addition to my system. Gen 2 let’s you run just the holster by itself. Definitely see me using this setup a good amount. Razco is a fantastic veteran owned MT based company. If you have any questions, Raz will get them sorted out for you.

Kyle D.
EXcellent ProduCt!

Awesome Harness exactly what I needed for my Hunting Trip!