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Montana Bow Sling


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The Montana Bow Sling was designed and is manufactured by another Bozeman, Montana innovator, Creative Outdoors, LLC. It attaches directly to the existing buckles, webbing, D-rings, MOLLE webbing, or even to the webbing handle that is already on most pack designs. The Montana Bow Sling can be set up to carry your bow hands free on the right or left side of your body.  


    When the Montana Bow Sling is not in use, take the riser hooks and either remove them using the quick release buckle or hook them back to the pack to minimize snagging on bush or trees. Snags can happen, but the hooks are designed to straighten out.  They are easily bent back into shape.  When using the sling, thread the strap that comes across your chest under or behind your binocular straps or harness. This allows for complete mobility of your binos without restrictions.

    Watch videos from Creative Outdoors here: 

    Montana Bow Sling Demo

    Installation Demo

    Montana Bow Sling Features

    • Comes with lower quick release, which can replace or be used in conjunction with the Riser Hooks on any existing Montana Bow Sling
    • Sling transfers all of the weight of your bow directly to the pack, allowing for a much more comfortable and efficient set-up
    • It is always attached to your pack. As long as you don’t forget your pack you will have your sling. No more retracing your steps to find your sling.
    • Stays in one place and won't wrap up in your other gear
    • Keeps bow in reach and at the ready
    • Has quick detach side release buckle to remove the hook portion and store it in your pack
    • Easily adjustable to desired length
    • Great for use on 3D courses (can also connect to bino harness directly)
    • Allows hands free glassing whenever in use

    How It's Built

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Kevin C.
    Hands Free bow sling

    Exactly what I need with options. High quality product for ease of transport and use while hunting. Highly recommend.

    Derek H.

    Montana Bow Sling

    Ryan P.
    Must Have

    Handiest thing I can have attached to my pack while bowhunting.. Can hike with it slung or get it in the sling quickly enough to pull up your binos in a hurry. Favorite part about it is that it does not come in contact with bow strings as my past slings have.. Thanks!

    Easy to use in multiple ways

    The sling is great. It can attach to packs in a variety of ways or you can use the sling by itself. By itself it won't have any kind of padding for the strap but it could still be used this way. You can position the sling in front of you or even slide it to one side or the other. The hooks can be adjusted so if you wanted to close them, say for rough travel, you can bend them closed to hold your bow more securely. Very good product.

    Eric J.
    Super nice

    I was skeptical of this, but man it is so nice to sling it and go, after hiking a lot and always hand carrying my bow, its nice not to have to set it down to glass, and have both hands available, no real extra weight.