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Rifle Sling and Pack Attachment System


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The Rifle Sling and Pack Attachment Kit have been designed to securely attach your rifle over the shoulder and directly to your pack, while simultaneously providing quick, easy, one-handed access and deployment of your rifle. Our unique attachment system eliminates shoulder slippage and fatigue and keeps your hands free- making navigation of rough terrain more manageable.

When the rifle sling is detached/deployed from your pack, it serves as a traditional sling complete with a padded shoulder pad and quick-adjust feature that provides rapid adjustment of the sling length. The reverse side of the shoulder pad is constructed using High Abrasion Neoprene Kevlar (HANK) for added durability, grip, and comfort.

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Rifle Sling and Pack Attachment System Features

  • Securely attaches rifle over your shoulder to your pack, but keeps it easily accessible and deployable
  • One handed, quick-adjustment system for lengthening/ shortening sling
  • Sling can be used independently of the pack attachment kit
  • Sling/attachment kit is compatible with nearly all western style frame packs
  • Deployment of sling from attachment kit is quick, quiet and one-handed
  • HANK material on shoulder pad provides added grip
  • Shoulder padding provides added comfort
  • MOLLE Panel on front of shoulder pad allows for attachment of small accessories
  • Made in the USA

How It's Built


  • Cordura
  • Laser Cut Squadron Laminate
  • HANK (Neoprene coated Nylon)
  • Closed Cell Foam
  • Webbing
  • MIL Spec Buckles
  • Nylon Webbing
  • 3.8 oz
  • Sling excluding webbing: 13.5" x 4" (Webbing on Sling will adjust from 24" to 47")


  • Nylon webbing
  • Mil spec buckles
  • (2) GrovTec 1" Swivels
  • 2.8 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Greg F.

Build quality: good
Materials used: good
Functionality: not so sure.
So a dry run of this sling on my 300wsm was good until i applied some pressure on what i thought was a skookum thumb loop typical while making miles on a gated road and zip! the whole thing loosens up into a lenghty mess. Am i missing soMething here? Seems im going to have to modify this thing to be serviceable.

Gary R.
Rifle sling

This is starting to sound like a broken record
Rifle sling works great with the 3 round holder.
Six shot shell holder worked well with my chest rig.
Keep making excellent products I'll keep purchasing
I'll be giving the sling a good work out this weekend 4 days bear hunting
Again excellent products.

Pedro F.
FinallY...a winner!

I have a seek outside saker and have run a number of different rifle harnesses. Have even mixed and match parts from different vendors. The versatility in how you can set this up is a Game-changer. Not a fan of harnesses that require you to attach the cradle to your hip belT which either puts the gun in your face or too close to your arm or back where it bangs into you. Also find devices that require you to loop a strap around the barrel and then thread a loose strap to your shoulder strap to be unkempt and annoying. Don't let the 20 minute How-to video scare you off. everyone spends hours optimizing fitness and marksmanship...what's a few minutes putting the perfect harness in place?

Caleb T.
By far the best sling out there.

This sling is an absolute game changer. There are so many great things about it, but my favorite are the easy installation, quick access to your rifle, lock-down capabilities that allows you to move freely with zero concern of your rifle falling off your shoulder, easy/fast adjustment and the way it stays in place even when not locked into the backpack. FHF knocked it out of the park with this one!

Brian A.

Rifle Sling and Pack Attachment System