Expandable Bear Spray Holster

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Made of high quality Cordura, and shock cord, this expandable bear spray holster allows diameter expansion from 2” to 3”+.  Easily accommodate bear spray canisters from 7-14 oz, from all major manufactures, or use for similarly sized items such as water bottles.

The MOLLE equipped holster uses a single column PALS ladder, or can be attached using the MOLLE webbing by making a 1”, 2”, or 3” belt loop. 

The highly visible pull tab is quick, easy, and makes for a smooth and quick draw. 

Also available in a spray/holster combo.  This includes the FHF Gear expandable bear spray holster, as well as an 8.1 ounce Counter Assault bear spray.

  • Expandable
  • 2.24 oz
  • 500D Cordura, Foliage, MultiCam, Fusion, Coyote
  • 1000D Cordura, Blaze Orange Only

Customer Reviews

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Bear Spray Holster

All your products deserve a Five Star rating. I've given this holster five stars even though I have yet to use it. In anticipation of it's use I'm certain it will be the best option for the purpose. I like that you've developed this holster to fire from the "rest" position as with any unexpected encounter, you just never know how much time you will have to react. I plan to use this in Glacier National Park and so we will encounter bears. I also fish in the White Mountains of Arizona and will use it in case of black bear encounters. Candidly, black bears are very unpredictable and so I'll get good usage from this. When paired with my check binocular pouch (your design as well) I now have a "system" and appreciate your engineering efforts. Thanks also for the many products you design and sell. They are always well thought out and of high quality and useful purpose.

Excellent product

I really appreciated the video on your website as well. Thank you so much!! Love the holders because of their versitality!

Bear holster!

Received my bear spray holder and was extatic about it being able to hold all sizes of bear spray. It's nice to have a holster that supports a small and large can, as I have a large one. I was able to mount it underneath my Alaska guide bino harness (sorry I don't have fhf) horizontally by zip tying it. One thing I noticed is the large spray did fall out a few times, which could have been my own user error.

Also can be used for a small water bottle if you aren't in bear country. Molle straps are nice for the option of 1 inch and 2 inch belts.

Perfect function

This holster fits my spray nice and tight, it's easy to draw the spray in a hurry and not noticable under my fhf bino pack, easy to reach, and does me alot better than the bottom of my backpack


Bear spray holster hooked up to bino harness no problem. Plugged in canister purchased from Costco. Barely notice it there, now let’s hope I don’t have to use it.