Ladder Panel

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This simple yet effective add-on will allow you add a PALS ladder to any vertical webbing.  It makes it easy to attach your RINO or GPS pouch directly to the side of your bino harness.  It will cover one of your mesh pockets, but keeps MOLLE equipped accessory pouches tight and within easy reach.

The stiffened 2.25″x3.125″ panel has two rows with one column of MOLLE real estate.  The webbing extends out to allow Velcro attachment to any vertical webbing including the sides of the FHF Gear Bino pouch or even a pack strap.  This is not necessarily designed to work with the Rangefinder pouches as they have a smaller, standard belt loop, NOT MOLLE.   The regular pouch should have a long enough belt loop to make it work without the MOLLE.


Available in TAN only.

  • .5 oz
  • 420 Pack Cloth
  • HDPE Stiffener
  • $12