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This adjustable, easy access pouch is equipped with a unique sliding magnetic closure system that allows ultimate adjustability.  For even more versatility, we've backed this pouch with a single column of MOLLE as well as removable equipment fasteners allowing it to attach almost anywhere. 

The main body of this pouch is structured and padded, and includes dual lanyard loops.  The adjustable magnetic closure system makes this pouch perfect for items such as:

  • InReach Mini
  • Kestrel Wind Meter
  • Multitool
  • Knife 
  • Small Flashlight
  • Hand Held Archery Release Aids

Inside Dimensions:

  • H:  5.2
  • W:  1.9
  • D:  1.1
  • 1.4 oz

WARNING: This Product Contains Magnets. Do not use with a pacemaker or any other similar medical device.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Magnetic closure comes open while walking .

Perfect little add on.

Currently using this sidekick pouch on my Kirfaru Escape & Evade pack while early season scouting. Holds my pocket knife and small flashlight perfectly. Attaches to my Eberlestock G1 pack also. For outdoor 3D season ill probably keep my multi tool in there as that is always needed. Pretty versatile little add on. FHF putting their ideas into production yet again. Well done.

Great little pouch that would benefit from a few enhancements

I like the way the sidekick pouch attaches to the binocular case providing convenient access to gear and the lanyard loops are placed in appropriate places. Lanyards are important for the security of gear inside the pouch because the magnet closure on the flap is too weak. Unfortunately, my iPhone 12 Mini does not fit in the pouch and my original Leatherman, in its case, takes up most of the space. A slightly larger pouch would still ride nicely on the side of the bino case while offering additional interior space for a mini tool, cellphone, archery release, headlamp, etc... (at least two of these items at a time). All things considered, the sidekick pouch does provide welcomed utility to the FHF Gear binocular and rangefinder carrying system, which I've used successfully while sitting in tree stands, ground blinds, stalks, and on African safari.

Good idea...mediocre execution

Good FHF craftsmanship as always. However after a season of use I can concur with all the other observations about the magnetic closure. It sucks. Flips open often and if it wasn't for the lanyard straps I think I would have seen my kestrel disappear. I'd like to see the positive retention of the bungee straps come back. Maybe not as versatile, but it keeps your gear secure.

Update: Took a chance on this pouch.

I wanted to write an update review after I got a chance to mount and use this pouch. The reason for the 1 star downgrade is the magnets are very weak. I put my release in this pouch and that’s what I bought it for. It works great for that and fits my release very snug. If it wasn’t for the snug fit I would be worried about items being secure in this pouch because the magnets are so weak they barely just hold down the lid flap. I have a lot of magnet-closing items and the magnets are always super strong. If the magnets were upgraded then I’d go back to 5 stars.